Core Competencies

Business Valuation

 We work with privately-held companies in a across many geographies, stages or growth, and industries.  

So whether you need a valuation for a sale, an acquisition, restructuring or shareholder buyout, we  can work with you and apply our real-world deal experience to value the business, assets, or shareholder interests.  

This is not an “accounting-based” number but one that is based on an understanding of your specific value drivers, risks, and economics.

Transaction Advisory & Analysis

Opportunities or situations arise that need to be analyzed.  We can help answer the question “how will this opportunity affect me and my business.”  

Sometime that requires due diligence, valuation and pricing, or simply “another set of eyes” and an objective view of the situation.

We work with business owners, boards of directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders to analyze, structure and define the parameters of complex transactions.  

Venture Capital

Startups, early-stage and venture-backed deals have different characteristics than more “traditional” deals.  

Often, early-stage companies operate in a “binary” environment where if the company experiences success, it grows and fundraising is easier whereas if the company experiences difficulties, it s long-term survival is doubtful.  Analysis and valuation of these companies requires experience and an understanding of the factors that contribute to success and value.

We have been working on early-stage and venture-backed deals since the mid 1990’s.  

Family-Owned Businesses

We have over 25 years’ experience working with h family-owned businesses across many geographies and cultures.  

We understand that the confluence of family dynamics and business dynamics requires an understanding of both these worlds.  We have the experience to help you address issues and achieve the proper balance.

Strategic Valuation

Value is a fluid concept and it is dependent on a number of factors that change constantly.  We help business owners identify value drivers and enhance the value of business enterprises.   

We work with business owners, managers and boards of directors to gain an understanding of the value of a business now, and into the future.  Our analyses provide decision makers with the tools to make clear, informed choices that enhance corporate value.

Business Divorce

“Business Divorce” refers to situations where two or more business partners sever their relationship. This may occur with or without litigation.  

Often, there is a situation where the company buys out one or more shareholders and this can happen for a variety of reasons, both voluntary and involuntary.  

Business divorce situations fall under state laws and regulations, with the various states having different sets of rules.  

Meliora Advisors has deep experience with business divorce and we have worked with both companies and exiting shareholders, in a number of different states, and under litigious and non-litigious circumstances.

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