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Alvaro Martinez-Fonts

Vice Chairman and
CEO of Latin America
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (retired)

I’ve known Tony Cotrupe for 25+ years and together, we have worked on dozens of deals, both in the US and in Latin America.

Tony has the ability to to see into a deal or a company and figure out what makes it work but also, where risk are hiding. He can quickly grasp complicated structures or situations and break them down into their core properties. He is circumspect and asks the questions that no one else thinks of.

He is my trusted friend, advisor, and ally.

Larry Sunshine

Plasma Air International, Inc.

A few years ago, I sold my company to a foreign buyer and Tony worked with  our team on valuation and deal structure. 

His analysis and advice were spot-on and the deal got done efficiently and to the benefit of both sides. 

Tony was able to quickly understand and evaluate all the components of a complex deal was invaluable.

Stephen D. Wilson

Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment

Tony is extremely knowledgeable, creative, and professional, and quickly grasps complex and unique valuation scenarios. Whether assisting as a financial analyst, expert consultant, or expert witness, or helping clients navigate businesses transitions, or other matters, he has a knack for seeing both the big picture and the details, thinking strategically, communicating effectively, and solving complicated problems.

No less importantly, he has a great sense of humor and is someone with whom you or your clients will definitely enjoy working!

Douglas Dohner

Paramount Games, Inc.

Considering I have been running various companies since 1974, I felt I knew everything there was to know about business.  After working with Tony in 2013 I realized that I may have been wrong. 

We met during a business valuation of Paramount Games, Inc., a company where I had recently become a shareholder.  I was impressed with how he kept us updated during each of the steps in his process, his overall methodical approach to the project and ultimately the precision of his work. 

We had such a positive experience that I used his services three more times through various changes in the life of the company. 

We will be calling on Tony’s talents once again as we look to update the company’s valuation due to the recent death of a shareholder and a possible acquisition. 

We operate in an odd industry, but Tony caught on quickly and he only asked about 500 questions to get truly educated.  I look forward to working with Tony again and would recommend his services to anyone.

Evan Hackell

Founder and CEO
Ingage Consulting.

I found Tony easy to work with, he very bright, understands difficult issues well.

His work brought clarity to our discussions, perhaps without his help our deal would have died.

Kevin Halpin

Managing Director
Oberon Securities, LLC

Tony and I have been collaborating on valuation and M&A projects off and on for close to 20 years . He is my first call whenever I see a situation that is either extremely complex or otherwise "unique".

He consistently provides valuable insight and actionable guidance in support of both my activities as well as my clients. And most importantly, he always has a good story to go along with sound advice!

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